We Interrupt This Irregularly Scheduled Hiatus ...

to show you what pure joy is for these little girlies...

It has been a BUSY ten days with Matt in town. Since we returned from our whirlwind 3 days in Virginia, we have been overwhelmed with events and activities ranging from ...

* early dismissal every day
* no school last Wednesday
* 2 parent / teacher conferences
* PTA skate night
* Grady's 18 month doctor's visit
* my mammogram
* car issues
* working in Sheridan's class
* Riley's Brownie event
* daily visits to the park to poop out the kids and dog
* grocery shopping and home cooked meals
* Hanukkah shopping
* Saturday date night
* ice skating
* laundry, laundry, and more laundry
* dealing with electricity issues in the house
* dealing with landlord issues
* canceled family photos due to rain
* rescheduling family photos
* Thanksgiving parties in both girls classes
* Monday night football in San Diego

... and lots more to come.

We are thoroughly enjoying our time together as a family... though, it doesn't come without its own set of stresses. For those of you who think that it's effortless to just jump right back in to where we left off back in July, let me honestly say that it's not. The kids and I moved into our own place and got into our own routine and have manage to live our own lives ... all without Matt. As much as we've missed him, and we have, the reality is that we've all had to adjust to his homecoming. And the worst part is that by the time we've all settled into our new routine, it'll be uprooted again when he leaves.

However, on a happy note, after spending three long days in Virginia, we feel fairly confident that we found an area where we want to live. We spent the entire weekend with our realtor and looked at a myriad of both resale homes and new construction in the Loudoun County area. We originally went there to scout potential locations, and left there with a new direction. New construction. Say hello to the lot we're hoping to buy. This 1/3 acre is located in a nature preserve surrounded entirely by natural forest. If all goes well, this little lot (or one right next to it), will be ours sometime in January. Once we make that decision, we then hand over Matt's wallet and sanity to build our dream home.... all 4700+ square feet of it.... and hope it's ready by June.

But for now, we return to our irregularly scheduled hiatus. Once Matt leaves I'll be back online. This week we are barely checking email, hardly returning phone calls, my google reader is overflowing with unread blogs, and I can't seem to get back to anyone for anything. Surprisingly? Me and my OCD-self is pretty OK with it right now. While I feel a tad disconnected with the "outside" world, our family of five is enjoying our togetherness. Lots and lots of togetherness...

We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good health, happiness, friendship, and love, wherever in the world you may celebrate.


Crystal said...

YAY!!!!! I have been watching for photos of Matt with the kids with excitement : ) I hope all is going well and I am so thrilled for you all to have Daddy back for a time!! You are a hero of mine, Jill! I also have been looking in Loudon county, VA. for the future. That is where Kelly wants to buy. I love the lot and can't wait to follow your continuing adventure. Blessings to you for Thanksgiving~~~~

Ramit Grover said...

Happy Thanksgiving guys!

Becky said...

Looks like a great lot! So nice to have all the tress. Your girls look so happy! So glad you guys can enjoy your family time together. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mom24 said...

I've been thinking and praying for you. I'm glad for the good times you're having. The adjustment is completely understandable, that would be hard.

The lot looks gorgeous! So, if you're building your dream home, does that mean you will keep it when you move on again in 2-3 years? Don't worry about answering that, I'm sure it will come up down the road.

Have a wonderful, wonderful rest of your time together. Happy Thanksgiving.

Just US said...

Enjoy all the togetherness you can soak up in this short amount of time! It goes so very fast! Congrats on finding a lot of land for a house. That is exciting!

Issa said...

Enjoy the time sweetheart. The internet will wait for you. Promise.

I hope you guys have a great holiday. xoxo

Jen said...

I was just thinking about you guys this morning and about how the time seems to be flying by...will try to slow it down for the next few days!!

So happy that you were able to stop by and so glad that you may have found your dream location!!

Kristen said...

Wow, you have been busy. So happy for you guys to all be together right now! Have a very blessed holiday!

Lisa said...

Yay Jill! So glad you're soaking up family, found where you want to live, etc. I lived in Winchester for a few years in high school & I'm pretty sure we played Louden County schools in sports ~ small world! Happy Thanksgiving here ~ you deserve it!

amyjr said...

you are such a great looking family!!1
Love Loudon county! I think there is a Wegman's there. A great supermarket that I miss since returning to the Cleveland area.
Enjoy your time together and yes it does take some readjusting to having the husband back from a long seperation.Smile and Happy Turkey day and Happy Hanukkah.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

YAY! This is so very, very exciting. I am so glad you are all together. And, yes, I am dying to see you and your house when it is built! xo

Connie said...

WOW! You have been so amazingly busy!! So good to see the photos of the girls and Matt :) :) :) and congrats on finding a new/future home. That's an amazing feeling.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

SO happy to hear that you found a great spot for your new home (though I would have loved to have you as a neighbor!). Louden County is very close so I can't wait to see you more often when you move here!

Loukia said...

Oh, Jill, you have been busy, but how wonderful to have your hubby home! I know it must have been hard getting into a new routine and so quickly, too, but wow, the smiles on your children's faces! So worth it, right? I'm so happy for you guys - and that plot of land you found - perfect, perfect, perfect! The fun is only now beginning. Good Luck. And Happy Thansgiving to your family! xoxo

Robin said...

So wonderful to be able to spend Thanksgiving together, I love the bliss on everyone's faces. Gorgeous plot of land too, I'm in awe of those trees!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend.


Scary Mommy said...

Those faces are pure joy-- I love it!!! Happy belated Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

wow. i neglect the internets for a bit and you guys move to the states!! what a lot you've had go on. hope your visit as a whole family is great and that the time until the year is over passes quickly!!

Brooke S. said...

Oh Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so glad that your husband got to be home for some good old American calories!

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