United Nations General Assembly

Thirty-five nations are represented at American International School Chennai, the largest amount thus far in its history.

Thirty-five flags proudly marched in to the gymnasium yesterday at the assembly ... sometimes with one, sometimes with three children smiling widely behind them.

The United States Flag was last. Not quite the largest nationality at the school, nor even the most spirited. But it was the most memorable for me ... as my beautiful munchkin Riley was chosen to escort the flag with a middle school and high school kid also from the U.S.

To follow it up, she was also chosen with a few other Consulate kids to sing in the choir during the assembly. She sang for weeks ... with several early morning practices. An oldie but goodie, we even watched a video of the song she was going to sing on YouTube ... she couldn't believe I knew the words.

Do you remember them? Not quite the Bono or Michael Jackson version ... but you get the drift. Take a peek at her video ... she's the cutie in the first row, second from the left.

Riley's choir practice before the assembly. Sheridan sitting with her class.

Marching in with the American flag ... Riley is in deep thought.


Mom24 said...

too cute! They did a great job, Riley especially. :)

Boy Sheridan's looking more and more like you!

Crystal said...

Great job, Riley!!!! I love the deep in thought picture :) Have a great weekend~

Christy said...

Aw so cute! Great photos! Are all the international kids children of diplomats?

Unknown said...

Yeaaaa! What a total doll! Congrats to the proud momma!

Anonymous said...

i love that she couldn't believe YOU knew the words to We Are The World :) darling!

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