Migraines and Infections and Giardia - Oh My!

Our house resembles a MASH unit. It's a good thing prescriptions are inexpensive here, because we've relied on them quite a bit this week.

As you know, it all started while we were away on vacation last weekend ... the girl's head colds, Matt's sinus infection, and my stomach ailments ... and they didn't subside when we got home. As Monday was a holiday here, I couldn't see the doctor until Tuesday, and not a minute too soon. After ruling out that my stomach pains were NOT due to swimming, chocolate, or ice cream, he then asked me if I had any take-out foods in the past few days. Well, duh... I just came home from a 4-day vacation in Northern India. I surely didn't pack our meals for the trip. He pressed on my stomach, he looked at my tongue, and said he felt confident that I had a parasite. He mentioned that if I wanted to, I could produce a 'sample' to be tested, however he was certain that what I have is Giardiasis. He didn't tell me how I contracted it. He didn't tell me how to prevent it in the future. He just wrote me a prescription for two different drugs to take twice a day, and said, "if you feel better by Thursday, then my diagnosis was correct."

For the first time since we moved to Chennai I actually walked out of his office feeling pretty good about his theory. I mean, it sounded right. I had no reason to doubt him. That is ... until I discovered that every - single - person who goes into his office for stomach ailments is diagnosed with Giardiasis. Everyone. Apparently, it's his stand-by. When in doubt he calls it Giardiasis. And prescribes antibiotics... that work on all that ails you.

I do feel much better now. However, even a broken clock is right twice a day...

On another note, Riley came home from school on Tuesday crying over painful eyes. She said they itched, hurt, and throbbed. So I called the doctor. The same doctor who diagnosed me earlier that day. And he told me, without seeing her, that she has an eye infection, and sent me to pick up some antibiotic eye drops. Lucky for us, we can pick up virtually any prescription medication without an actual written prescription from a doctor. So off to the pharmacy I went, and for 12 rupees (about 25 cents), got the eye drops. We used them that night and the next day. Not noticing any reason why I should keep her home from school, I sent her on her merry way. Unfortunately, the next day I got a call from the school nurse, telling me that Riley came in crying and complaining that her eyes were so sore and that she needed to go home. She was hysterical when I picked her up, but just as I noticed the night before, or even that morning, her eyes weren't red and swollen.

When we got home she laid on the couch and then started to complain that the light was bothering her and the noise bothered her. Hmmm... I had a sneaky suspicion that I knew what her eye issues were. A quick visit on WebMD, a few questions about the pain, a little messaging her temples, and voila! ... diagnosis complete. Riley, just like me when I was young, suffered from a migraine headache. I gave her Tylenol, and after waiting thirty minutes for it to kick in, she was a totally new child. Her eyes stopped hurting, her head stopped throbbing, the light no longer bothered her. And true to form, about 4 hours later when the Tylenol wore off, her eyes started hurting and the temple rubbing began.

Since she's so young to get migraines, we're monitoring the situation now to see if this is a one-off occurrence or something we need to take her to a specialist.

From the road to Delhi ... to the road to recovery.


Emma said...

Oh Jill, it never rains but it pours! I really hope you are all on the road to recovery. Shame about missing the Taj Mahal too - you must have been feeling terrible that day. Take good care.

The Mom Jen said...

Sweetheart I feel your pains!! Get well soon vibes to all!

Chiloe said...

I love your doctor !!! lol That means: I could be a doctor too !lol

3 weeks ago, my eyes started to twitch. First I didn't worry then I worry and called my eye doctor. The secretary answer, I explain I need an appointment fast (not for an eye prescription) and she says: you are lacking magnesium . I wanted to reply " so you are a doctor as well? " but I didn't say anything because I wanted my appoitment fast! lol

Mom24 said...

In some ways it would be nice to have a doctor who phones it in. There are times that I know what is wrong, yet I still have to drag the kids to the doctor, sit in the waiting room for an eternity being exposed to anything and everything, wait in the examining room another 45 minutes or so, to see the doctor for 5 minutes and the needed antibiotic.

Hope you continue to feel better.

even a broken clock is right twice a day...I love that! lol.

Mom24 said...

Poor Riley. I truly hope this is a once in a lifetime experience.

Jen said...

No fun. I hope that you guys get better soon.

Tanya said...

I sympathise with Riley I am a migraine sufferer too although not as a child- thank goodness! Im glad you're feeling better. We have 'anything you want over the counter' pharmacys here too- awesome when you know what you have, what you need and want it quick although we do have to watch out for fakes.

Christy said...

Oh my - we're in our little MASH unit here too, but not as bad as yours, I think. Ear infection, sinus infection and stomach ailments, oh my. Hope her migraine is a one-off - she's too young for those! Poor thing! Hope all heal this weekend!

Tara R. said...

My son gets migraines too. Light, sound, movement, it all makes the poor kid miserable. He took a Rx for years, then we found Excedrin Migraine worked better than anything else.

I empathize with Riley. I know how much my kid suffers with these. I hope she is feeling better, and you too, very soon.

anymommy said...

Yikes. That is one rough week. I hope you are all well on the mend now. How awful to get migraines so young - I'm glad the tylenol reduces her pain!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I hope that was a one time thing for her. Poor Riley....those are not fun.

Wow a Dr. That has ESP and can sense what is wrong with you without even seeing you. That's crazy but welcome to India huh.

Thank heavens for a smart Mommy and Web MD!

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