Friday Fragments

It's Friday night and the lights are low.... Thank goodness we made it through the week without Matt relatively unscathed and only minor incident.

A few highlights of our week...

The air conditioning unit went out in the kitchen on Monday, which led to an army of ants in the kitchen early Tuesday... and Wednesday... and Thursday... get the picture? It's finally been fixed, though I'm sure I'll see my 'friends' again tomorrow. They like me that way.

The air conditioning in the car decided to follow in the kitchen's footsteps and also go out on me, though fixing that was far more difficult. As our car is imported and old as mold, parts for it are quite difficult to find. So when my driver told me that they needed to replace the coil-thinga-majiggy, and the mechanic was going to 'jerry-rig' it with one that he found somewhere on the 'other side' of Chennai, I had to go with the flow. When in India ...

Of course, it would have been a tad easier for me to deal with this had my driver not had to suddenly leave me stranded and A/C-less when he got a disturbing call that his brother in law had just been killed. Something about being a drunk, not taking care of his kids, blah, blah, blah, and it was best I didn't ask for the rest of the story. I immediately sent him on his way... to the hospital ... to deal with the body ... and begged that he be back on Friday to help fix my car. Life is like a box of chocolates here... you NEVER know what you're going to get.

Then yesterday my gardener came across a wasps nest in our yard that none of us apparently knew about. Let's just say that when he came face to face with them... they won. Several stings, a doctor's appointment for the pain, and a face as swollen as a pumpkin later, he finally told me about it. And by telling me, I really mean he told my maid and driver who in turn told me. Of course, as a glutton for punishment, he went back to clean around the same bush that has the nest today. Did he think to remove it? Or have me call someone to remove it? Why no... that would have been WAY too easy. Or smart.

I finally took Grady to the dermatologist, who diagnosed his rash as Seborrheic Dermatitis. His face took a turn and looked as ugly as could be, rivaling a teenager with severe acne. So he now has a mild lotion to put on his face and something to treat his cradle cap. I have a feeling this is the first of many dermatology visits in his future...

I thoroughly enjoy listening to my driver tell me about the Indian way of life. Stories from his people in his village fascinate, yet often disturb me. Today he told me that in his village, it's common practice to marry your relatives ... to keep harmony in the family. Their thought is that when you marry someone so close to you, that they'll look out for you and what's best for your family much more than if they were any old acquaintance. So, his wife is his father's, sister's, daughter. Figure that one out easily? His first cousin. He married his first cousin. And his son is already promised to another first cousin when he gets older. Um... okay. It gives the phrase, "keeping it in the family" an entirely new meaning.

I went to a parent coffee morning for Riley's class today. When she got home from school today she asked me what I wore to the coffee. When Sheridan informed her that I wore my standard mom outfit... strappy tank top under a shirt, blue jeans, and high heels, Riley then asked if I at least did my hair and wore make-up and earrings.

And being the super cool mom that I am, had a movie night with the girls tonight, only to fall asleep half-way in to Hannah Montana, and have Riley wake me up at the end telling me she needed to go to bed.

Two more days until Matt's home... schlepping another big cooler of frozen treats. Forty-eight hours and counting!


Christy said...

Wow what an eventful week - and all with your husband gone! Yikes! Your daughter's comment made me laugh. And your driver's family -- wow, that made me cringe. Good luck fighting the ants - I lived in Florida for two years and was constantly battling them (and lizards and frogs - ewww) so I feel your pain! Hope you have a great weekend!

Mom24 said...

Wow! That's quite a week. It rains when it pours I guess.

The story about Indian way of life is too interesting...too 'different' too, but interesting nonetheless.

I'm sorry for the gardener, but I can't believe he went back in there...choices. Like I teach my kids there are good choices and bad choices. :-)

I can't believe Riley was worried about your outfit! You're gorgeous. That is one agony I've been spared, none of my kids have ever voiced their concerns anyway, I'll settle for that.

Poor Grady. I hope he's better soon. I'm fighting the same battle with Julianna--on her scalp. Not fun. She's been to the dermatologist lots in her life already, you're probably right about Grady.

Enjoy your treats when Matt gets back.

Unknown said...

MOM outfit...love it.. I have one too. Hang in there, hubby is almost home! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

So...a normal week, then, huh?

I hope there's a relaxing weekend in store for you!


mub said...

Gosh, I was thinking "Who needs their A/C in October!" but I think in India you probably need it quite a lot more of the year than I do here *L*

Stacy Uncorked said...

I thought I had a busy week! :)

Glad you got the A/C fixed in the kitchen - and hopefully the one in the car will be fixed soon, too. Your poor driver having to deal with the death of his brother-in-law... And your gardener going back to the same bush with the bees nest made me cringe...

Soon...your hubby will be home soon.... :)

Happy FF! :)

mommytoalot said...

Holy moly that is some week!!
Hope your weekend is calm and fun.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had an interesting few days lol...everything works itself out though...always does!

Teresa said...

Death to all ants. :)

Yeah my staff are always telling me how they're married to their cousins, uncles, neices, etc. As a former biologist, it makes me shudder. I am reduced to actually yelling "that's bad for your babies!" and then sinking in my attempts to explain genetics. :)

I think that explains the many dwarves that I see around Chennai.

Mrs4444 said...

There's never a dull moment in your life, is there, Jill?! Nice to hear from you. I'm looking forward to catching up on baby pics.

OHmommy said...

What is Matt bringing home?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I'm giggling too hard to hard to leave an appropriate comment.

The wasps, the "keepin' it in the family" and the "mom outfit" ?

What a week!

Jennifer said...

{shudders} Marrying your first cousin. Eek.

We had a huge wasp nest on our deck that scared me to death! My husband finally removed it, but I still have fears about those wasps getting me.

Natalie said...

If there was an "I had an iteresting week" contest, well, you would have won it hands down!! Here's to a peaceful next week. :)

Anonymous said...

Umm, uhhh. That is an impressive amount of stuff in only a week. Ants, Cousins and Bees.

Sounds like you've got it all covered over there. Here's to a better week!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Yowzers, what a week.

Hopefully Grady's skin will clear up soon, poor little guy!

Funny that Riley wanted to know what you wore to her class. I would have dozed off at Hannah Montana too lol

Hopefully Matt getting home will give you a sigh of relief :)

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