Casa de Perlman Take 2

So here she is in all her glory. Case de Perlman is finally available for viewing!

It was a LONG time coming, but so worth the wait! We've known we were going to be moving for about 5 months, we just didn't talk about it until the paperwork was finalized. And even after everything was signed, sealed, and ready to go, we STILL moved into a different house... though in the same neighborhood.

It's amazing what living in a house you like really does for your psyche. With two more years to go, our new abode is proving to be a much better fit for our family. It offers us more space, a larger yard, walking distance from the swimming pool, and closer proximity to the school. In fact, the girls went from the first pick up on the school bus to the last.

Additionally, the house provides a wider drive way for the girls to ride their new razor scooters, which they adore. It's also helping keep Johnson & Johnson in business as the girls have gone through well over a box of Band Aids this past week learning how to balance. Thankfully, bloody knees, toes, and a few bruised tushies aren't keeping these girlies from getting up at the crack of dawn to get their skate on.

With all this concrete, it makes for the Perlman mode of communication (aka screaming and yelling) obsolete. We've had to resort to using small walkie talkies in each of the main rooms to summon the girls throughout the day. And remarkably, due to the cone of silence that is our bedroom, Grady has lately been "sleeping through the night"...

On a side note, we do find it curious that despite all this added space that Grady has the largest bathroom and we have the smallest master bath we've ever experienced. In fact, Matt jokes that he can brush his teeth, close the door, and shower all while seated on the toilet. It makes an airline bathroom look palatial.

While the house is unpacked and the boxes are gone, we still have a ways to go to give it that "lived-in" look. We've hung photos and pictures in many of the rooms, but we still have several more to go. We're waiting for new rugs to be delivered later this week, which will give the downstairs living room and dining room a less sterile feeling. And we eventually have to change the "loud" curtains which are a different color in every room. For the most part, while there are some idiosyncrasies of the house, we really can't complain.... After one year in Chennai, we finally feel like we're at home.

So come take a peek at our new place. But take your shoes off first, the new maid just cleaned the floor.

The house... and side yard

Left: The Unfurnished Sunroom ... Right: Matt's workout room

Left: The office ... Right: The kitchen

Left: The dining room ... Right: Living Room

Left: The Girls Bedroom ... Right: Grady's Room

Front and back view of the kids playroom

Different views of the master bedroom

Different views of the sitting room upstairs


Robin said...

I'd tell you how much I covet that playroom and workout room but I'd already fainted dead away when I got a glimpse of your yard. My god, all that green...

Seriously, it looks beautiful and I wish you two joyful years in it. (As an aside, have you really been in Chennai for a year already? It seems like it's zipped right by, at least on this end.)

PS LOVED the new photos of all three of your gorgeous kiddos.

Crystal said...

Welcome Home, I love it! I have gotten MANY ideas just from you photos, thanks for the help : ) What about formal attire? Do I need it?

I love the blue chair is that from home? Is most of that State Dept. issued?

I am so glad your girls have all that room to play and run. What fun they will have!!! Blessings to you~

Mom24 said...

Wonderful! I'm very happy for you. Especially now that you feel "home". Truly priceless. I didn't know you had two more years. Definitely need someplace that feels comfortable.

May you have many, many happy days together in it.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Okay this isn't fair. I've been in my house for two weeks and still have like 7 boxes in the living room, I don't see a single box there ma'am!!

The house looks great :)

Jen said...

Nice, I like it. I bet it feels good to finally be 'home'.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

It is just beautiful! And the yard! Ya'll could put in your own pool. (Wait. Would that actually be an option?)

The floors there. Are they typically concrete? Tile? Marble? What??

anymommy said...

Yard envy, I have it!

Kirsten said...

Looks fabulous! I SO know what you mean about a house you love affecting your psyche. Your yard looks amazing.

Goya said...

What a wonderful home you've made it. I love the rugs. Were they bought in India? And the girls beds are beautiful? May I ask where you purchased them. God bless your new home!!

Anonymous said...

Loving :




THE LOUD CURTAINS (I say, leave them up!)

Happy housewarming!

Lisa said...

Looks beautiful Jill! Funny how "American" life in India can look :) I love the nets over the beds though ;)

Ramit Grover said...

Oh. My.God.

How can one person keep 'that' clean?

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