Let The Games Begin

With a little nudging (and a lot of giggling) from my end, Matt reluctantly agreed to participate in the Consulate's annual "Grow an Indian Moustache" competition. If you know Matt, I'm sure you'll all insert a major belly laugh here...

The contest started on Tuesday, and the guys had to come in to work clean shaven, face free from ALL hair (some guys had goatees and beards that they had to shave off in order to participate). From what I understand, the contest lasts about a month, and the only rules are .... no grooming (obviously), and the guys CAN grow either a beard or goatee during the month long period, but MUST shave everything off except their bushy moustaches on "judgement day".

I forgot to take a photo of Matt on Tuesday, so here he is on day-3. This ought to be a funny month. Just look at that baby face... he'll be lucky if it doesn't come in patchy!

Oh yeah, and here's a photo of me that Riley took a few days ago. 26 weeks and counting!


Tanya said...

Down under we have 'movember' same concept and sounds like the same or similar rules. Proceeds go to Prostate cancer and Mental Health Foundations. It has been deemed a brilliant way to get men to talk about two issues they dont like to talk about.

Mom24 said...

I'm sure he'll enjoy the challenge. :)

Have a wonderful time on your trip.

Unknown said...

Could you all BE any CUTER? I don't think so. If i looked as good as you pregnant I would be pregnant all of the time... CUTE CUTE CUTE

Diane Mandy said...

Lady, I would never look that good pregnant. Seriously, if you weren't so nice, I might have to hate you. ;-)

Laural Out Loud said...

And it's going to be itchy! Do you think he has a chance of winning? What's the prize?!

You look adorable!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

American in Norway is right Jill! You really are cute. So are your hubby and kids for that matter! :)
I hope Riley's rash is gone. Don't ya just hate that stuff. It probably makes it worse on you where you live, not that you wouldn't be concerned if you were in the US but it just adds another unnecessary level of anxiety.

Have FUN FUN FUN on your trip. Take lots of pictures because I know it's an amazing place which I hope to visit one day.

Much love from NJ,

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Jill you are such a HOT MOMMA! I wish I looked that good now let alone when I was pregnant.

Riley did a good job taking your picture.

Can't wait to see how his mustache comes along. Should be pretty funny.

Have fun on your trip!

Jen said...

Just look at all that growth around you guys. I can't wait to see what he looks like.

Ashley said...

Lol! That's such a cute sounding contest! Um, I mean Manly and such...RAWR. Right.

You look adorable, by the way!

Mrs4444 said...

I look forward to the results for both of you!

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