Trip to the Galilee

On Friday morning we left with Randy for a quick overnight, windshield trip of the Galilee. We drove up the coast and made a quick stop in Haifa to check out the Baha'i Gardens (actually, we only stopped for a photo). We then hopped back on the road and continued our way up to our favorite little horse farm in the Golan, Vered Hagalil. We checked into our room around 4 pm and after settling in, took a leisurely tour of the property. The girls played on the playground for an hour, worked up their appetites, and then ate a fabulous dinner at the restaurant a few hours later. After the girls went to bed, the three of us played a few exciting games of Scrabble.

Today after breakfast, Riley went on a pony ride around the grounds of the farm. She was on cloud 29. We checked out of our room, and by 11 am were on the road exploring southern Golan. Our first stop was at Mt. Bental where we saw the Israeli bunkers overlooking the Syrian border, and where we took new photos in front of our favorite sign. Our next stop was lunch at McDonald's where Matt and Randy ordered the largest burgers on the menu, the McRoyal, and ate their body weight in meat... and then picked at Riley and Sheridan's meals as they didn't finish theirs.

It was off to the tanks and a drive partly around the Sea of Galilee. What fun would a Perlman road trip be without a little vomit? Not long after we got back into the car Sheridan decided to indoctrinate uncle Randy into the Perlman family tradition, which is also known as the Katz family tradition, of puking everywhere while you're at least 2 hours away from home. Amazingly, Randy proved how grown he is by cleaning her up.

We're home now, recuperating from a long day in the car, and getting ready for our trip to Masada and the Dead Sea tomorrow. Stay tuned for more photos from Randy's last day in Israel.

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