Riley's Fresh Summer Look

Early last week we had to make a decision as to what to do with Riley's hair. It was becoming a tangled mess and was getting ever more difficult to keep out of her face when she went swimming and to the beach. We let her know that it was going to be cut and that she could decide how short she wanted to go. After several discussions, we turned on the computer and showed her the Locks of Love website, and simply explained what she could do with her hair if she decided to cut at least 10 inches. I showed her pictures of kids without hair and then with their wigs, and photos of kids donating their hair just like her. Riley was very excited about the prospect of donating her hair, and even brought tears to my eyes when she told me she didn't know which girl she should pick to give her hair to.

We went to the salon early this morning, had the back of it straightened as best we could, put it into a ponytail, and cut it off! Yikes - it's super short... but she had a smile from ear to ear when she saw how cute it was. She now looks like her two best girlfriends - and she couldn't be happier. The hairdresser had to cut a little more than I would have liked to clean it all up, but it couldn't be too short for Riley. She has stared at herself all day in the mirror and has asked us no less than 50 times if we love her hair. We do.

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Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog through At Home With The Farmer's Wife and just had to say how adorable Riley's haircut looked. If she's anything like my daughter she will love to hear that it made her look older! How sweet of her to cut her hair and donate to help other children.
I started reading the latest entries of your blog but was enjoying it so much that I went back to the beginning so that is why I am about a year late with this comment. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to reading more.

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