It Finally Arrived...

You thought I was going to say my luggage, right? Heck no - that bag is LONG gone. Today is the day that we have all be waiting for, though some of us a little more than others. Today is the day that our little girl grew up right before our very eyes. Today is the day we dropped down to paying only one preschool tuition. Today was Riley's first day of Kindergarten!

We woke Riley up at 6:15 am today, and unlike her usual groggy, don't-want-to-get-out-of-bed self, she immediately jumped up, crawled out of her pink mosquito netting, and quickly ran downstairs to see what I made her for breakfast. She was so excited that she ate faster than I had ever seen her eat in her lifetime (remember she's my oh-so-very-very-very slow eater... slower than molasses in January eater), and rushed up stairs to get ready for the day. We all had to move along as Riley's bus comes quite early and Sheridan and I were following right behind. I wanted to see her off to her classroom on her first day, but as I had promised her she could take the bus, I decided to follow behind her and let her have the experience.

We met her at the school, walked her into the classroom, and after making sure she was comfortable, left her there for her first day. She was so happy to be there that she didn't even see me leave. However, I had to rush out quickly as not only was it Riley's first day of school, but it was also Sheridan's observation day at preschool. We had originally enrolled her at the American International School, but after talking with a few parents and sitting in the insane traffic, I decided to try to get her in to one of the local Indian preschools closer to our home where a few other Consulate folks send their kids. They normally don't take children mid-term, but I had done a little begging, so they agreed to check her out.

It took me over 2 hours to drive to Riley's school this morning, drop Sheridan off at her school, and drive back home. And I wasn't home more than 20 minutes before I had to hop back into the car and go pick Sheridan back up from the preschool. Oh this traffic is going to drive me to commit harry carry.

I met the director of the school who told me that Sheridan was very adaptable and adjusted quite well to their class and the kids. Wait a minute... My Sheridan? Well okay then... They also said that they were going to make an exception for us and let Sheridan start school tomorrow. Oh thank goodness - because if that little lady was going to have to stay home with me for another 6 weeks, it would put both of us over the edge.

We picked Riley up from school at 1:15 pm, as school ends early for the first two weeks, and played at the school playground for another hour afterwards. A few afternoon play dates with friends, and a little gabbing with the moms afterwards brought us up through dinnertime, where Riley finally told me about her day. She started off by saying how great it was... all the rooms she went to visit, all the things she did with her class... and how sad she was that nobody wanted to play with her. It about broke my heart. She burst into tears and said she didn't want to go back and that nobody liked her. Oh the drama at age 5. We had a long conversation about how many of the kids went to the preschool last year and all know each other already. Just like in her last school where she had an established group of friends, so to is it the same here. She's going to have to make an effort, and by the end of the week we bet she'll be making play dates.

I promised her that tomorrow will be a better day. Here are a few photos of the girls...

Riley getting onto the bus ......... Sheridan painting her first portrait (love the smock!)

Riley in her classroom .................... The playground at Sheridan's school


Tenakim said...

I swear these hormones got me all out of whack! I cried when I read Riley's 'no one wanted to play with me'- breaks my heart! My kids have all gone through that and they're not even new (one is just painfully shy)- Give her a big hug for me!

The Isreali airport story- I thought of you- not because you would do that, but because of the hecticness, 18 bags and Israelli airport!

Mom24 said...

I wanted to cry for Riley. Growing up is so hard! I hope tomorrow is better. Hopefully some of those playdates will turn things around quickly.

Julianna's making me bananas with being so excited about kindergarten. I think she'll be like Riley and up at the crack of dawn rushing to get ready. Fortunately we still have a few more weeks...hopefully she'll last that long.

I'm still trying to process the pink mosquito netting. You're not in Kansas anymore Toto.

I hope Sheridan likes school. Preschool is so much easier, all the way around.

The traffic sounds absolutely horrible. Honestly it all sounds pretty hard right now. Take care of yourself. I'm sure it will get easier for all of you.

The pics are so cute. Thanks for sharing them.

PS I really did think of your luggage, sorry I was wrong!

Jen said...

I can't believe how strong you are. Just the thought of sending Hayden to kindergarten makes me a little teary eyed. You have 2 in school. I think that I might cry. Just kidding.
I am glad that all went well.

Sarah said...

a very big day indeed.

and those smiles. those smiles are worth the traffic.

Heather said...

How exciting!! We just celebrated our first day of Kindergarten around here too!!

C said...

Awwww...I'm coming right over to play with her! I'll be there in like, 22 hours! LOL That's sad. I'm sure that she will make friends in no time, though. I can't believe they start school so early--wish that was us! I need my schedule back.

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful milestone. Your children are able to have some great experiences.....kindergarten in India?? Wow. They'll do just fine. Kids are very flexible.

I am very much looking forward to all your adventures in India. The most exotic place I can look forward to in the near future is Arkansas! (Not that we haven't traveled to some great places in the world).

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Kash said...

I am sure both are going to transition very smoothly. It's amazing how well they are doing already given the shock in living circumstances! I can't wait to hear more about them and you in India. Keep the stories coming.

mary said...

Your girls are simply adorable. I've got no doubt that Riley will fit in just fine.

I'm stressed out just reading about your traffic horror!

anymommy said...

Wow! From arrival in India to first day of school in one week. That is amazing. I smiled at the traffic (I have been in India and I can picture it) and sighed with you over your daughter's tears. How hard to let them learn about new situations like that! I imagine she'll have tons of friends in no time though.

Can't wait to read more about your adventures.

Mamasphere said...

What a big day! Riley looks so much older than five in that picture of her on the bus.

You have a driver, right? Are you getting in some good reading time while you're in the car?

Kelly said...

First days are hard and exciting! I'm sure in a couple weeks, you and Riley will look back and giggle about when she didn't think she had friends!
I'm so happy things worked out for Sheridan (and you!) for pre-school. It still sounds like mornings will be hectic.
THANK YOU SO, SO, VERY MUCH about the wonderful comments you left for me today! It meant a lot!
Love the pictures!

Robin said...

What a big day for both of them. I'm sure they'll both be settled right in and having the time of their lives in no time at all.

The Green Family said...

So glad things went well for the first day!

Heidi said...

You are amazing. I would be a total basket-case, and I have moved all over the U.S. I just want to pick Riley up & hug her. I am sure by the time you read this she will have made friends. I want a driver! That sounds awesome. Can't wait to read more.

Eve Grey said...

First off, "slower than molasses in January" and "harry carry" are both expressions my mom has always used! I must start busting these out myself.
Second, is Riley's kindergarten eventually going to be all day? every day? My kids just went from 9-11:45 which was hardly a break at all!
Third, do you have to drive yourself around or do you have a driver?
Sorry if these questions are annoying, I'm just so curious!
Last, Riley seems like a very sweet and smart girl and she will have NO problems making friends after a few days. Maybe the teacher should assign a "buddy" to her for the first few days?

Nap Warden said...

Aw, so hard to be the new girl...Good job Mom:)

karey m. said...


little bastards. {ooh. obviously have a few issues from my own first day experiences.}


Clare Frederick said...

This is such a hard life lesson! I've done a role playing scenario with my kids about this matter. Try re-enacting the situation, and show them cool ways to handle it...like shrugging your shoulders, and saying, "Ok, I'll find something else to do!" :)

We're getting back on the 13th, thanks for asking!

Diane Mandy said...

your daughters sound like such troopers! And I am so impressed that you are driving in that traffic in India. WOW!

Mrs4444 said...

Following the bus; that's so funny. I'm going to give you a pass on that one, being that you just moved and all, but that cracks me up! :0) Poor little sweetie; I like the way you explained it for her. Don't worry; she'll make new friends in no time :)

-Bridget said...

Yea! What a big girl! I can't wait for the day we go to one preschool tuition. Unfortunately, we are still a few years away from that.

-Bridget said...

*smacks myself in the head* I didn't even remember to leave the most important part--I wanted to say that I've been Riley and I know how much it hurts. And I know it will get better, it really will. I haven't had to be Riley's mama yet. My girls are still too little. I am SO not looking forward to that day. I think that day will hurt more than anything.

Perez Family Spot said...

Awwww...and so it begins...the drama.

I can only imagine. How cool that your girls are international and may even pick up a couple of languages, huh? I'd love to travel like that.

I am still hoping your bag will arrive ;)

Hyphen Mama said...

Yes. I was positive it was your bag that had arrived. But alas!

How sad for Riley. That would tear me apart as a mommy.

Tomorrow will be better. And the day after that better yet.

2 hours in traffic. ACK. Did your driver drive? Or did you actually have to brave the roads yourself?

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