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We went to Riley's orientation for kindergarten today at the American International School, Chennai. It is a beautiful campus, with over 700 kids enrolled. We met the principal, the teaching staff, the security personnel, and took a quick tour. The grounds are huge and they're even expanding! Riley is in the same class as Matt's colleague's son, and I'm thrilled with the teacher they've been assigned. After walking around the school, we took the kids to the food court nearby for a little fast food action. What kid can resist a Happy Meal from McDonald's? The only difference here is that they don't serve meat, and the chicken nugget meal is really a chicken sandwich - so we had to cut it up. Don't worry - the fries taste exactly the same!

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around Chennai, learning the area, and running errands. I also finally took out my camera and snapped a few photos. I've been so intent on figuring out where I am and where we're going that I haven't taken any photos until today... which is entirely unlike me!

I still don't have a lot of internet access, though now it's primarily because I'm entertaining the kidlets outside of the house. Monday is quickly approaching - hooray for school!!!

McDonald's - It sure was clean!

Riley's Classroom ~ Part of the Playground for the Kindergarten Class

New Friends ~ A Cow Just Walking In A Neighborhood

The Unbelievable Traffic ~ Amma Naana... The Grocery Store

A Typical Neighborhood Street ~ One of the Many Temples Around Town


Kelly said...

I love the pictures...it's so interesting to see India...not what I expected; I had heard that India could be dirty, but it doesn't look that way from your picture.
I am also surprised to hear that there are over 700 kids in the American International school; I didn't realize that many Americans were in India! I guess I'm sheltered, naive, or both.

mitchell-st said...

Dang it, we missed kindergarten orientation! How did that happen? We never got a letter, although I did get an e-mail from the teachers recently - but I thought that I had read it thoroughly!

Guess we'll find out more on Monday.


Jen said...

So completely interesting. I would love to see what your house looks like.
Looks like an awesome school.

OHmommy said...

So cool. Just soooooooo cool. All of it.

Between my sister in Africa and You in India. I have my travel fixes online through your blogs.

Perez Family Spot said...

PICS!! YAY! Nice cow in the street, lol. My friend from California came to visit and was shocked there were cows and horses near malls and restaurants. I told her, "HELLOOO...we're in TEXAS!"

School looks great. We still have another month before it starts for the boys. All is well here except 105 degree dry heat.

Mom24 said...

The pictures were great. Thanks for them. I can't believe school starts so quickly...you are amazing to have the girls ready for that so quickly. Hopefully that will give you a chance to get your equilibrium back! What a whirlwind you have been through.

I can't imagine seeing a cow walking down the street! Also, I'm glad you have a driver, the traffic looks insane.

Take care.

Mom24 said...

I meant to have Riley ready for school so quickly is amazing--also, hopefully the routine will help. Stacey

mary said...

Oh my gosh. So exciting! I love seeing where you live - can't wait to see pics of your home. Happy you're there safely and getting acclimated :)

Tenakim said...

I'm surprised at the amount of American kids at the school too. Are there any culture shocks, yet? Are you on the mac? Can't wait for more!

Mamasphere said...

Sounds like you're getting settled in nicely! Those pictures are a kick- a cow walking down a street!

When you first said they didn't serve meat at McDonalds, I though, why the heck not? Then I realized, India is where the sacred cows are, lol. Sometimes it takes me a minute.

C said...

Thanks for posting pictures! Surprisingly nice McDonalds (although, I'm not sure if the ida of India having a McDonalds thrills me or not...I guess it's a good fix for something American.)

Are there a lot of Banyan trees in India? I love those, they're my favorite.


Clare Frederick said...

Hi Jill! I'm so glad you and your family made it to Chennai ok...The traffic there reminds me of the traffic here in Lima! Here, the pedestrians don't have the right of way, and have to really be careful before stepping onto the street. Have fun on the first day of school!

Kash said...

Wow, really, no meat at Mickey Dee's? One of my guilty pleasures when I travel is to go to a McDonalds (if there is one) and see the menu differences. You can get a glimpse of every culture that way! This definitely gave me some insight into yours.

San Diego Momma said...

Keep the updates and photos coming! I love glimpsing into your life in Chennai.

So glad you're there finally and getting settled.

Diane Mandy said...

Thanks for the pictures. The shot of the traffic reminds me a lot of the traffic in Cairo. Whew!

Nap Warden said...

McDonald's and a random cow...looks just like home;)

Keri said...

Love the pictures! thanks for a great insight into a far away world!

Simple Answer said...

How funny - our first meal here? McDonald's! True chicken nuggets. The food court at the mall had nothing but american fast food chains.

Glad you have warm fuzzies about the school.

Hyphen Mama said...

Great pictures. Nothing what I imagined.

Now I have a nagging question: if there's no meat at McDonald's... what fills those burger buns?

Hyphen Mama said...

More questions: Do you speak the language, or just a few social graces like thank-you, please, good-bye, etc. Do you keep a translation book handy? Or do they speak English?

I am so intrigued by this all. Apparently I'm very sheltered.

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