Will The Madness Ever End?

I thought this week was supposed to be relatively relaxing. How wrong I was! Yesterday we spent most of the day in the car dealing with dog issues. Don't worry the dog is fine... just causing a thorn in our side.

Libby is currently kenneled at a great boarding facility near our hotel. We decided to keep her there until our departure to India since we went up to the New York area for 5 days, and have been running errands every day since our return to Virginia. The kennel came highly recommended, and for the most part has been very receptive to our requests... though everything comes with a price. An additional $150, but who's counting?

In order to have Libby accompany us to India as excess baggage, we were required to have the Health Certificate and USDA approvals faxed in to the U.S. Consulate in Chennai no later than 3 business days prior to our arrival. The kennel told me that it wouldn't be a problem to handle all of this for us. They would perform the Health Certificate on Sunday, and then FedEx the signed certificate and accompanying information to the USDA, and I could stop by Wednesday to pick everything up. Imagine my surprise (and extreme irritation) when I called at 8 am Monday morning to follow-up on the Health Certificate that was supposed to be completed on Sunday, and discovered it was not done. Apparently, the vet who was supposed to do it was out of town for the weekend and would instead do it on Tuesday afternoon.

Are you freakin' kidding me?

I was so flustered with the news from the kennel that I'm sure I wasn't very nice to the lady on the other end of the phone. What I now needed to do was get in contact with the USDA, and make an appointment to drive the paperwork out to them on Tuesday afternoon. If they had any openings. In Annapolis, Maryland. An hour and a half away.

The vet agreed to come to the kennel a few hours earlier, and on Tuesday morning I left the hotel to drive the hour and a half round trip (just after a rainstorm) to the kennel to pick up the paperwork. I then went back to the hotel and picked up Matt and the girls, and we all made the long trek out to the USDA to get the additional paperwork signed and sealed.

Seven minutes in the USDA office and $24 later, the paperwork was completed and we were ready to drive back. In rush hour traffic. We also got lost (and didn't ask for directions, because Matt knew where we were headed...). Sure.

We spent over 6 hours in the car yesterday. Six long hours. But the paperwork is done. It was faxed into and received in Chennai this morning. And we're one step closer to leaving.

If only our furry little family member had a clue how much trouble she causes...


Kelly said...

I can't even imagine how freaked out you had to feel when you found out the vet hadn't done the paperwork!! The frustration!!!
Take a deep breath...enjoy your time in VA

Robin said...

How frustrating! I'm glad you were able to overcome all the roadblocks and straighten it out.

I had a similar problem with myself this month when I suddenly discovered that I'd let my US passport lapse (still utterly horrified that that happened) and there wasn't enough time left before my trip to renew it via the consulate. Major, MAJOR panic. I can't imagine how I would have told my kids (or my parents!) that we weren't coming next week after all! *shudder*

Simple Answer said...

I'm sooooo sorry that happened. What a pain! And what do you mean "I'm sure I wasn't very nice"? I would've railed at her & been SURE I wasn't very nice.

Having Libby in India with you will be worth it!

Clare said...

Libby is so lucky to have you guys in her life! I can't believe they dropped the ball like that.

We went through a similar crunch earlier this year when Keith's mom flew in to escort the kids out of L.A. to Lima. Next time, I'll know to get certified, and written approval way in advance, when Grandma decides to take the kids on a plane ride out of the country.

Tenakim said...

Thank God I have no life and won't ever have to deal with that! If this dog caused me that kind of stress, well, you're a much better woman than I and your dog is very lucky. (she said at 4:30 am- so excited and energized that the pup is SLEEPING- why aren't I? because I'm sick- sick in the head!)

Mom24 said...

What a pain in the a__. I'm glad it's all taken care of. One thing I can't stand is jumping through hoops, especially when it seems like everyone you have to work with is conspiring to make you miss. I'm glad it all worked out. One more thing off your list. Just think--hopefully I'm not jinxing you, but today is bound to be better. :)

Suzanne said...

This is one thing that drives me crazy. Why must we follow up on everyone? When I worked at the newspaper I made it my business to git-R-done...so that my clients would NOT have to follow up, and as in your case be thrust into tons more work.

Are you getting excited about leaving for India? I don't know how you do it. Your life seems like one big exciting adventure to someone who's firmly planted on the prairie.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Jen said...

People just don't understand how frustrating it is when they say things will be done and its not. Especially when you are moving to India. Goodness.

Kim said...

Today will be better.
Today will be better.

I am sorry you had to go through all that.. how stressful..but thankfully it all resolved itself..

Nap Warden said...

You know, doesn't it just seem that everything has to be a huge pain in the arse? Glad you got it done:)

Mamasphere said...

With all the traveling you're alreadying doing, how incredibly frustrating to have to do even more because of someone else's mistake. Did they at least apologize?

Once you get to India and have Libby with you, it'll all be worth it (though I know you already think that now).

mary said...

I don't know how you do it. You must have the patience of a saint.

The Mom said...

I'm glad this worked out.

San Diego Momma said...

How has it been SO LONG since I checked in? Holy geez.

Well, this is definitely the storm before the calm. Soon enough, you'll be settled in India. But meanwhile, blog every single detail!

Safe trip to you!


Heather said...

What a fiasco! Your sweet puppy is worth it, though, I'm sure.

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