Note To Self... Wear Comfortable Shoes

I misplaced my note.

I didn't think anything of it until I got horrible blisters on the bottom of my feet from walking over 40 blocks around New York City on Friday.

After leaving Connecticut and dropping our bags off at my cousin's house in Larchmont, we took the train into New York City to see a few of Matt's friends... Rich his friend growing up, and Craig is a friend from college. They met us for a quick trip to FAO Schwarz - where the girls ooh'd and aah'd over everything and then deemed me, "the meanest mom EVER!" when I told them I was not going to buy them the life sized Barbie dolls and the $4000 doll house. The nerve of me, right?

We did a few hours of schmoozing and window shopping, and then rushed back to catch the train in Grand Central Station. On the way, I stopped in a Payless Shoe Source to purchase a cheap pair of flip flops so I could continue walking down Lexington Avenue. I must have been in pain if I chose "function over form"...

My brother caught the same train back to Larchmont, and 35-minutes later my cousin Michael picked us up from the train station. We had a great dinner with Michael and Nancy (one that I again didn't have to cook), and afterwards took a walk to the Long Island Sound. Oh the girls were pooped by the end of the day.

Saturday we had lunch in Stamford with Matt's relatives; his great aunt and uncle, another great aunt, a few cousins, and his brother. We hadn't seen many of these relatives in over 5 years! We followed up our lunch by spending the afternoon with Matt's friend Karen, her family, and some friends of theirs from NYC. The kids swam up a storm, watched a movie in their home-theatre, and we barbecued dinner and caught up on the last 6 years. It was another late night, we didn't get home until almost 10 pm.

We're now packing up and getting ready to head back to D.C. I'm looking forward to a relaxing week... the calm before the storm.

Friday Photos:

Mr. P and Riley ~ Seli and the girls

Matt, Rich, and the girls ~ In front of FAO Schwarz

Uncle Scott and the girls ~ Cousins Michael and Nancy with the girls

Saturday Photos:

Matt's relatives ~ Uncle Adam and the girls ~ Great Aunt Doris and Uncle Bert

All the kids eating dinner ~ Matt and Karen


The Mom said...

What you don't want to take a $4000 doll house to India? LOL!

Great shots!

Kelly said...

NYC is such a fun city...I'm glad you weren't tempted to buy the $4000.00 barbie house (Mattel is not however). Another jammed packed travel post...I don't know how you do it!

Tenakim said...

I want to be you when I grow up! Flip flops in NYC and all!

mary said...

So fun! You guys must all sleep like rocks at night. Have a safe trip to DC!

Jen said...

Sorry but I fail to see why the girls couldn't have that $4000 doll house. hehehe Just kidding.
Enjoy your restful week, you need it. I am tired from just reading about your travels.

C said...

Whew--what a whirlwind, huh? I'm exhausted just reading about it! I'm with Tena though--I want to be you when I grow up!


C said...

Oh, BTW--I gave you an award. Go check it out (my blog.)


Mrs4444 said...

Well, while you're relaxing, take time to enjoy the little gift I have for you at my site today.... P.S. Don't feel obligated to pass it on right away; save it for a boring day (do you have those??)

Nap Warden said...

Yeah, you gotta go with the comfy shoes!

Heidi said...

All that family, friends & fun in one trip, you must be exhausted. I feel like sending you a pair of house shoes & telling you to take a break. Glad it was fun for you though.

Robin said...

I've done exactly the same thing, but my flip flops were bought in Chinatown. Never could have made it through the weekend without them.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

What a whirlwind, but it must be so much fun to catch up with family and friends. The girls must be having a ball too! I can't believe you wouldn't buy them the
$4K dollhouse. Mean mommy ;)
Hope your blisters are better and you're now enjoying being in DC. Love all the pictures!

Kim said...

Ouch to your blisters.. that is the worst!!!

And a $4000 doll house?? Sounds practical.. hahaha


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