My ONLY Rule Of Sledding ...

... is that they stay outside LONGER than the amount of time it takes me to get them layered up.

Which he managed to do. AFTER I locked him out because he attempted to
come back in after just ten minutes. Mama was enjoying the sounds of silence.

My other rule is that they MUST be this much of a trooper ... after taking a serious tumble
down the ice completely on their face.

Seriously, what fun is sledding if you don't have a few war wounds. Right?


Betsy said...

What a cutie!! When we lived in the Alps I had two under the age of two. It took me 20 minutes to get them ready to go out in the snow and then invariably one of them needed a diaper change. :)

Michelle said...

so true....I used to have 3 to get ready but now one is 14 and he can get himself ready (sometimes:).....the other 2 still need help but at least theys stay outside for awhile.....but then it takes just as long to get all the wet stuff ready to dry...on a side note I stumbled across your blog.....you make me laugh and I so love starbucks...

LeesOnTheGo said...

Oh, my WORD! Isn't he the cutest little bundled up boy ever? And, I must say, your new deck looks lovely with snow all over it! =)

Happy snowy days to you and yours!


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