What a week!

Sorry for the delay in our blog updates ~ we've been a smidge busy since my last note. Matt's parents arrived for a 10-day trip last weekend, but before they arrived, we had a lot to do. From parent board meetings to school activities, preparations for another visit from the Secretary of State, to a visit from the flu bug, we've been running in high gear.

Matt's folks made it here on a great Delta flight last Saturday, October 6th. Unfortunately, Sheridan and I were both under the weather with a nasty little bug. But we were troopers and managed to make it to the airport with Riley to pick them up as their flight came in earlier than expected and Matt was in the shower. :)

We hung out for their first few days here, resting and relaxing as best we could before the chaos ensued. Matt had Monday off for Columbus Day and we took a quick tour of the Embassy and went shopping on my favorite street in Tel Aviv. We picked the girls up from school at 12:30 and began our hectic week of activities. Here's what we've done:
  • Last Monday, Riley had her first gymnastics class and we all went to watch. She loved it and grinned from ear to ear the entire hour.
  • Last Tuesday, after Riley's afternoon program at school, I took her to her first ballet class. We're going to a different place this year as the classes are a lot more structured and she's learning more technique and grace. This is some SERIOUS ballet. Parents aren't allowed to watch except for the last 2 minutes of class ~ Riley was again grinning when we left.
  • Wednesday we all went to the girls swimming lessons and finished the day with Sheridan's ballet class.
  • In between this we had to run errands, take care of meals, and plan and pack for our trip to Cairo, Egypt.
We left early Thursday morning for our 5 day trip to Cairo, Egypt and just got back a few hours ago. So much to tell, so many pictures to download. I promise to update y'all with our amazing trip and details of traveling with the girls when I pick my head up off the pillow tomorrow.

In the meantime, we're preparing for yet another visitor. Matt's close friend Richard and his family are arriving in less than an hour for a 2 week trip to Israel. We'll be busy...

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