Nile Pharaoh Dinner Cruise

We followed our long morning of touring with a dinner cruise on the Nile. Our driver picked us up from the hotel around 5:45 pm and dropped us off at the dock of the "Nile Pharaoh". We had an hour to kill so we checked-in, sat around, took a few photos, and waited...and waited... Soon enough we were boarding our boat and seated at our dinner table.

The half-full boat took off exactly at 7 pm, and by the time we started moving we had already been served our mezza, appetizers, and drinks. By 7:15 pm we were served our main course, and by 7:20 pm we were done. Their efficiency was key and their service impressive... the Israelis could learn a thing or two - however, I digress.

There was a small show on the boat that began at the end of the dinner service, with a belly dancer, a whirling dervish, and a musical number. The kids enjoyed watching and they actually stayed in their seats the entire time. After the show we took a walk around the boat and even went outside for a quick view (too much longer and Sheridan may have taken a header off the side). We docked at precisely 9 pm and our driver was waiting for us. The girls were so tired when we got back to the hotel that they quickly crashed out. Thankfully we could all sleep in the next morning...

Sitting at our table

Our first photo together in a long while

Whirling Dervish

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