Casa de Perlman ... Take 10

There is something oddly comforting about moving back overseas and being welcomed into your new home by the same ugly as sin Drexel furniture you had in your previous homes in Oman, Israel and India

Who am I kidding?  No it's not.  Especially when you're ambushed with the overwhelming amount of wall to wall furniture in every single room of your home in Crayola's new color shade, diarrhea brown. 

Thankfully we received a bevy of pictures of our new home five months prior to our packout from Virginia, which left us with ample time to think about our designs and stock up on enough color to brighten up even the ugliest of rooms.  

We are appreciative that we hit the jackpot this tour and have a beautiful home to decorate, a far cry from our first home in India.  The landlord originally built the house for himself, so the appointments are quite extraordinary.  From the intricate chandeliers and crown molding to the American style kitchen and spa-like master bathroom.   We.  Can't.  Complain.

So come on in and take another tour of Casa de Perlman.   We're slowly taking reservations!


 Living Room
 Dining Room
Left : My office.  Right: The Laundry Room / Pantry / Storage
 Back Patio

 One side of the backyard
 Panoramic view of the kitchen
 Other views of the kitchen
Left: Sheridan's room.  Right: Grady's room.
 Riley's bedroom
 Master Bathroom
 Master Bedroom
 Another view of MBR, including the 8' chandelier hanging down from the ceiling

The kids' TV / hangout area at the top of the stairs


Mom24 said...

It's so big! You've done a great job.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I LOVE your office!! Miss you!

Theresa Fowler said...

Wow! Gorgeous!

CaraBee said...

Wow! Love it! I love the spaces and your furnishings. Amazed at how quickly you've made such a beautiful home for your family!

thenixonfive said...

Wow---your home is very lovely! Over the years I've learned what a difference slip coverrs and rugs make! (For us) Can you share where you purchased some of you rugs? I need to update ours:) thanks!

Betsy said...

It's lovely!!! I especially love the master bathroom. I am sure you will all really enjoy living there.

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