There's Never A Dull Moment Here ...

... at Casa de Chaos. Though, with my thyroid out of whack for the past few weeks, coupled with the minor stress of last Thursday's doctor's visit, I haven't quite been up to blogging about all of it.

Until now. Here's what's been happening in our neck of the woods.

Grady started swim lessons

Riley went ice skating with her Girl Scout Troop. And the girls had a "Dress Up As Your Favorite Book Character" day at school. Can you guess who they are?

We went on an excursion to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis with some friends.

Sheridan went a little crazy sending me texts from her iTouch

One of Matt's dearest college friends came to visit us while on a business trip from Mexico. The last time we saw him was 9 years ago in New York City!

Self portraits ... from the radiology office just prior to my mammogram.
And after I dyed my own hair. Look ma, no more grays!

Matt's birthday celebrations. Homemade cookie cake. And another dear friend in town who we haven't seen since Grady was just a few weeks old!

Riley started softball. Here she is at her first practice.

And Grady proved that he really does have a hard head ... especially when he bonks it with another kid in his class. Hello bruise!

Stay tuned ... there's more chaos to come now that we have Sheridan's soccer schedule, Matt's Afghanistan training schedule, the kids spring break schedule, and of course, my new job!


Anna See said...

oh my goodness! lots of activity at your house, girl! sorry i can't make it this wkend b/c of marg's soccer tournament. :(

Betsy said...

You have such a beautiful family! I understand about the never a dull moment thing. :)

Stephanie Smith Norberg said...

My favorite part of this posting is where you post the pics of your hair. While waiting for the boob smooshing event.
I totally heart you for that Jill K. P. <3

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