Riding In A Tuk Tuk

I know I shouldn't have been surprised when while driving to the school today my car died. Completely died. Stopped working. In the middle of the road. The MIDDLE of the road.

But I was.

The car has been driving like a dream lately. Of course, in our household, all good things do eventually come to an end. True story.

So I'm sans car again while my car gets 'fixed'... though in all honesty, they could duct tape it and wrap it up with string as long as it lasts me for another 6 weeks 4 days.

The girls and I had to take a tuk tuk home from the school today. Which totally made me the coolest mom on the planet. So regardless of how grumpy I was because it was 100 degrees and humid outside, and how all I wanted was a little air conditioning, my girls thought the ride home was THE greatest thing in the entire world.

And for those 25 minutes, all was completely right in our world.

Here are a few silly videos of our ride home.
Don't mind how 'good' the girls look... they had swimming earlier in the day!

And yes, this IS how loud it is outside...

video video

video video


Mom24 said...

India just keeps giving you good-bye presents, doesn't it? Hope the car is back soon.

Riley's smile is just too precious. Sheridan look's like she's having a ball. You are a cool mom. :)

Kat said...

Oh my gosh, that is just the coolest! All the experiences your family is having. It is just priceless!!!! AWESOME!

A Daring Adventure said...

Jill, nothing - NOTHING - in still life photos could have communicated to me what driving in India is like half as well as even one of those cute little videos you took.

Just... wow.

My heart skipped a full beat during the second video when Sheridan peeked out of the back of the Tuk Tuk - I thought DON'T FALL OUT YOU SWEET LITTLE THING! and she didn't! But holy cow, what a wild ride that thing looks like!

DelhiBound said...

Fun stuff! My kids have yet to ride one ... and if Husb has anything to say about it, they never will ...

I rode one shortly after we arrived ... and have promised the kids we'll do a bicycle rickshaw before too long :)

Loved the videos!!

Shannon said...

Love the videos, your girls are Darling! India looks a lot like Indonesia except there the tuk tuks are called bajai and are green, otherwise the same. I laughed when I saw motorcycles going by with multiple passengers, the most I have ever seen was 6 on one bike.

Bfiles said...

goodness, you need a break already!
What a fun ride home, though. Your girls are so sweet.

Emily said...

It's almost like Cinderella and her carriage. Almost.

Michelle said...

I love that you actually pass your car! Girlfriend, you are getting your fill of India :0) Hugs!!!!

Natalie said...

My kids are NUTS for Tuk-tuks. They would be so jealous if they saw these videos. Too fun!

Jen said...

That's just too awesome...love it!

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