Cynabubs Comes For a Visit

Over the Labor Day weekend, cousin Cynthia came for a 2 day visit. I picked her up late Sunday night from the airport and brought her back to our house. Her first day here we went to the girls preschool, where Cynthia enjoyed the morning in each of their classrooms. Matt had the day off work, so we took her to breakfast at a restaurant that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and to a wonderful Judaica store to look for future gifts. In the afternoon the girls played, Sheridan took a nap, and we finished off the night by eating at the girls favorite restaurant... Zozobra (an Asian noodle house).

The next morning Cynthia and I went to breakfast around the corner from our house before I dropped her off with her friends to head up north to the Galilee. We didn't get to see Cynabubs again before she left Israel, but she called several times to tell us about the amazing time she was having touring around. Lucky for us, we'll see her again in December when we come for our final R&R in California.

Here's a photo of Cyn with the girls.

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